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Pinot Club (Example of Tasting Notes)

We select wines that we love. Wineries from around the world bring us samples each week and we choose the wines that we are most excited about for our club members. Our Pinot Noir Club wines will each be from a different growing region from around the world including the 6 AVAs in the Willamette Valley. (2 wines per month $60)

Grand Cru Club

Mind blowing wines from the most exciting winemakers in the valley. These wines are limited to a few hundred cases of production from the most sought after vineyards in the world. (2 wines per month $120)

Daily Drinkers Club

At around $7 per bottle these wines are affordable enough to enjoy everyday. There are some amazing wines out there at bargain prices! Choice of Reds,Whites,or a mix. The “Mix” may including a full range of wines including some sparklers,rosados,and many more interesting styles. The Daily Drinker selections are wines that anyone would like,not overly dry,never too sweet,great food wines. (3 wines per month $22)

Daily Drinkers Club

(6 wines per month $44)

Hand-selected wines

Notes on tasting,terroir,and food pairing

Convenient pickup at 2 locations

We bill each month,cancel anytime

Club members qualify for all 16 Tons Patron Club specials (a $25 value)