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In preparation for summer- get crafty with cans!

Summertime is JUST around the corner (well, I hope!) and that means getting back to the out-of-doors. Hiking! Camping! Swimming! Grilling! Exclamation points!

Craft cans aren’t a new thing but just a reminder that here at 16┬áTons, we have a vast selection of some great summer beers available in can form. From our own backyard, Double D Blonde from Hop Valley is a great blonde ale that will quench the thirst of almost all craft beer loves (and is a great gateway beer for the beer novice).

Califormia’s 21 Amendment brewery has a Watermelon Wheat beer and Summer Solstice beer from Anderson Valley are also two delicious beer anyone at a BBQ would love to savor. All summer beers pair great with hot dogs!

As for IPAs in a can, we have several to choose from – Hop Valley, Avery, Caldera, Oskar Blues, etc.

Memorial Day is next weekend! Stock up and impress your friends with a six pack of delicious craft cans.

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