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Tastings 9/14/10

Tuesday, 9/14, 12:30 – 2:00pm Orval, Free Lunchtime Tasting w/ Merchant du Vin

Tuesday 9/14, 4-7pm: Buck-o-Beer 3oz / $1  Bison Reunion

Wednesday 9/15, 4-7pm: Buck-o-Beer 2 x 3oz / $1  Captured By Porches

Thursday 9/16, 4-7:30pm Eugene Pearl Block Party  Beer & Wine Tasting & More: Coconut Bliss Beer Floats @16 Tons, Ninkasi @Pearl Day Spa, Silvan Ridge @Novo Salon, Italian Wines @La Perla, Pizza, Ice Cream, Live Music, Family Friendly! / FREE

Friday 9/17, 4-7pm October/fest Brews 2oz each /$4 Bayern, Flying Dog, Rogue, Paulaner, Ayinger, New Belgium, Avery

Saturday 9/18, 4-7pm Cascadian Pales? 2oz each / $4.50 Lots of hops in these light and dark ales. Hair of the Dog Blue Dot just brewed a few weeks ago, new Double Black “IPA” from Alsakan, and other hoppy selections!


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