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This week in tastings!

Tuesday 10/26, 4-7pm: Buck-o-Beer 3oz / $1  Beer made by German Nuns!

Wednesday 10/27, 4-7pm: Buck-o-Beer / 2oz $1  Black Flag FRESH HOP Imperial Stout:  “An extremely bitter, extremely roasted, and extremely everthing stout.” 11% abv 100+ IBUs

Thursday 10/28, 5-7pm Brandborg Wine Tasting!  Please join us Thursday to taste a few selections. Jeff from Brandborg will be on hand to pour! Check out the New York Times press here. / FREE  Wines including: Syrah, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and Port.

Friday 10/29, 4-7pm $6 (6 2oz pours) Smoke’em if you Got’em We will be adding 2-3 traditional German smoked beers for this tasting.

Saturday 10/30, 4-7pm / Big Brew Saturday big saturday 10, 9, 10, 9 (Those are not shoe sizes! Those are the ABVs on these Big Brews!) Do you know what happens if you leave a beer too long in an elevator? You don’t? Well, if it’s 10% alcohol it probably just gets better so long as no one swipes it.  4 Big brews! $4 (2oz pours)

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100% amateur.Billy Childish

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