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Femme Fatale Flights Tuesday 11/11





On Tuesday November 11th we are doing flights of Evil Twin Femme Fatale. There are three beers that are 100% Brettanomyces fermented IPA’s.

Femme Fatale Brett is a 100% Brett fermented IPA brewed by Evil Twin.

Femme Fatale Blanc is a 100% Brett fermented IPA, brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops.

Femme Fatale Noir is a 100% Brett fermented black IPA.

The flight of IPA’s will be $7 for 4oz. of each beer.



We are also tapping Evil Twin Ron and the Beast Ryan.

This is a Brett fermented saison brewed with honey.

It will be a $6/10oz pour and a $3/4oz pour if you’d like to add it to your flight of Femme Fatale.

Fairly rare to try all 3 Femme Fatales at the same time and they are all different. With the addition of the Ron and the Beast Ryan you’ll be getting a good variety of Brett fermented beers that are all extremely delicious and everyone needs to try them once… or twice!

Come to 16 Tons Taphouse  & Bottleshop on Tuesday November 11th for your chance to try them all!!!

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