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On Thursday the 8th of January, the 16 Tons Taphouse is going to be GIGANTIC! We will be tapping three different IPAs from Gigantic Brewing Company from Portland.  Each of the IPAs are unique in their own way and are sure to please the palates of all who drink them.  The three IPAs will be Ginormous, Pipe Wrench, and Intensify.

Gigantic’s Ginormous Imperial IPA weighs in at 8.8% ABV and over 100 IBUs and is powered by 7 hops to deliver a gigantic kick of hops for those who need one.  This IIPA delivers citrus notes that creates a good balance with the sweetness of the alcohol.

Gigantic’s Pipe Wrench IPA is their original Gigantic IPA that they aged three months in Old Tom Gin barrels.  This IPA weighs in at 8% ABV and 80 IBUs.  It delivers flavors reminiscent of gin, juniper, and flavors of oak from the barrel-aging.  It also has its share of citrusy hop notes as well.

Gigantic’s Intensify Belgo-IPA is another awesome take on the classic IPA.  For this beer, Gigantic brewed an IPA with a Belgian yeast strain to add an incredible depth of flavor that includes fruit and citrus notes.

Stop by the 16 Tons taphouse on Thursday the 8th of January to sample these three different IPAs from Gigantic Brewing and have a GIGANTIC THURSDAY!


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