16 Tons Cafe features thoughtfully prepared micro-roasted coffee and world class beer. In 2011 Mike Coplin and his family purchased The Supreme Bean Coffee Company which was located in shopping center now called Woodfield Station since 1993. The Supreme Bean started as a drive thru (one of the very first coffee drive thrus in Eugene).

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goat1About our coffee roasting partner:

Wandering Goat is a member of Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, Willamette Valley Sustainable Food Alliance, Café Femenino Coffee Co-Op, Eugene Local Foods, and more.


Being a sustainable business means more to us than just purchasing sustainable coffee. It also means finding ways to operate our business with the same principles that guide our green coffee buying. We are always looking for new ways to reduce waste and conserve energy while running Wandering Goat.


Currently, the process of having a coffee farm certified organic is delegated to a review by one of a number of independent organizations. Representatives from these organizations will visit the farm directly, work with the farmers when necessary to help educate them in natural growing methods and techniques in order to bring them up to standards, as well as conduct routine inspections to assure adherence to the overall international organic standard. Unfortunately, this can be a costly and extensive process. Many farmers who already practice organic methods due to the high cost of expensive chemicals, and/or a thoughtful dedication to the health of the environment and those who work and live within it, simply cannot afford to become certified. By choosing to buy only certified Organic or other sustainably grown coffees we can increase the likelihood that these programs continue to grow, therefore becoming more accessible and affordable for coffee farmers the world over.

Because of our commitment to purchasing only coffees produced using sustainable methods we can assure you that every bean that reaches your cup is grown using the safest and most ecologically beneficial farming methods practiced today, and is as safe for those who grew it, as well as their surrounding family, as it is for you and yours.

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