Our Coffee

We are very proud to serve freshly roasted Wandering Goat Coffee!

WG Imageshade grown coffee

Look for these bulk coffees when you come in for your cup of joe! 

Espresso la Chupacabra, 16 Tons Cafe House and Espresso Blend

This blend of Indonesian, African, and Latin American coffees is rich and chocolatey.

Hair of the Goat 

This gruff, classic blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees is sure to get yer goat.

Guatemala Huehuetenango, single origin

From producer Julio Humberto, this soft, tart coffee has hints of citrus and milk chocolate.

Flavors: Grapefruit, milk chocolate, hazelnut

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aylele, single origin

This smooth and balanced coffee tastes of mild, citrus fruits and nice florals.

Flavors: Floral, lemon, bright


A unique, fruity, and floral blend of our washed and natural Ethiopians produces a wonderfully complex flavor.

Peru Cafe Femenino, single origin

Grown and processes by an all-women’s co-op, this sharp coffee has a spicy aroma tasting of hibiscus and cacao.


Mexico Oaxaca, single origin

This mild and sweet coffee tastes of apricot and brown sugar.

Flavors: mild, sweet, apricot

Heart of Darkness, WG’s featured blend

French roast and Indonesian coffees make this a potent blend with smooth edges; sure to satisfy the ardent seeker of the best dark-roasted coffees.







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