Oakshire Tap Takeover

This Sunday June 12, 12-10pm

8 Oakshire Brews on tap!

1. Mountain Rose Gruit (Single Batch)

Mountain Rose is a mahogany colored ale with herbal, licorice, banana, and fig notes in the aroma. It is medium bodied with a sweet malty middle yet finshes dry. Hints of spice and dark fruit linger in the finish. 7.0% abv (Mugwort, Dandelion root, Dandelion leaf, Burdock Root, Licorice Root, Milk Thistle Seed, Blessed Thistle, Chamomile Flower, and Grapefruit peel). Mountain Rose Gruit is a rare style of beer and of course will not be around long so give it a try while you can. Cheers!

2. Frederic’s Lost Arm (Last Known Keg) (Single Batch)

Brewed with 16 Tons Bottle Shop to Commemorate their 1st Anniversary. It is a farmhouse ale and uses Green Oolong Tea from Eugene’s J-TEA International.   5.5% abv

3. Cerise Noir Sour Cherry Ale (Barrel Aged)

4. Blind Date Brown Ale made with Organic Dates (Single Batch)

5. Graduation Ale Rye IPA (Single Batch)

You’ve met your pre-requisites, you’ve turned in that final paper, and you are ready to begin the rest of your life. Good Luck college graduates in Eugene, Corvallis, and Portland. We want to celebrate right along with you, so we brewed up a special Single Batch Series Beer just for your party!  Graduation Ale is a Rye Pale Ale.  It’s made with PNW Centennial hops for a crisp citrus and piney hop character and an underlying spicy note from the liberal use of malted rye.  5% abv

6. Bruine Van Brugge Amber (Single Batch)

Hallertau hops for flavor and measures only 25  IBU’s and has high gravity Trappist yeast used in it to produce a beer tasting of cinnamon, baked bread, and fruit.. 5.2% abv

7. Bourbon Barrel Kilted Badger Scotch Ale (Barrel Aged)

8. Oakshire Watershed IPA ($8 Growler Fills)

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