Tasting this week:

Wednesday, 26th: Blind IPAs
Think you know what you like? We’ve got five IPAs. You get a scorecard, tasters of five randomly picked IPAs, and a list of beers from which to guess. You can do it! $1
Thursday, 27th: Old Ales (North Coast, Eel River, Green King)
One of our favorite styles, and seemingly forgotten these days. Hell, it’ll be just like a trip down memory lane, before the days drum machines and brightly colored sneakers. We’ll even play you some fine old tunes to get those toes a-tappin’. Damn, that’s good! $3
Friday, 28th: INSANE IPAs!! (Avery, Midnight Sun, Mikkeller, Brewdog, RussianRiver)
Hey! You! Don’t tell us you’ve got somewhere better to be. We Know. We know all. You will enjoy this. Trust us. Oh, and we’ll be tasting Pliny the Elder! $6
Saturday, 29th: Imperial Stouts (Eel River, Beer Valley, De Dolle, Sierra Nevada, Stone)
Look! Some people don’t like Gnomes. Some people actually hate warm weather. And nearly everyone hates having gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe. Fair enough! But nobody, and we mean nobody, doesn’t like Imperial Stouts! Don’t be like the man… er, don’t be the man! Even if you don’t like ’em, you’ll like ’em. $5
Sunday, 30th: Blind IPAs
That’s another 5 IPAs for you to taste, rank and guess. What a way to pass a Sunday afternoon. And all for a dollar. Charming! $1

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