Carrot Cake and IPAs — what?

With Easter around the corner, a pairing you might not know about is carrot cake and a good IPA. I know what you’re thinking…huh? Trust me, I had the same reaction. But one bite along with one sip will change your mind.

I was first turned on to this pairing by Randy Mosher, beer teacher extraordinaire, who wrote about this particular pairing in his book “Tasting Beer” (which, by the by, is a great introductory text to the world of beer in a technical sense).

When I did this pairing, I had an English style IPA. English style IPAs are much similar to an East Coast IPAs in that they aren’t overly hoppy like the Northwest style IPAs we are known for here in Oregon. English style IPAs are much less hop forward and are more balanced than the hop bombs of the Pac Northwest. I have yet to try out the carrot cake combo with a Ninkasi Total Domination but I think a more subtle beer would bring out the delicious carrot and ginger flavors more so than a West Coast IPA.


For this pairing, I recommend Southern Tier’s IPA, which we have in stock now. This is a classic East Coast IPA and a delicious blend with the cake. If you want something more hop forward but still in an East Coast vain, go with the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, which we have in bottle and on tap.



Carrot cake is my FAVORITE cake and I love a good, subtle IPA. Together- it’s just a winning combo.

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