CHEESE WARS IV Saturday December 8


16 Tons Cafe

Session 1 at 5:30pm, Session 2 at 8pm.

Cheese Wars is a food-pairing showdown between two ancient beverages. We will feature 5 courses of carefully selected cheese. Each cheese course will be paired with a beer and a wine. Block 15 Brewmaster Nick Arzner will choose and present the beers. Champagne enthusiast Karly Kercheval of Galaxy Wine will present the wines, with emphasis on Grower’s Champagne!

Which pairings work best only you can decide. Cheese Wars is a fant

astic opportunity to learn about the processes of making beer, wine, and cheese. This is a fun and lively sit down affair!Tickets are limited. $25 includes all tasting and food (cheese and bread). Purchase tickets at 16 Tons Cafe, 16 Tons Taphouse or online at BrownPaperTickets.com

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