Logdson Farmhouse Ales

20130415_154920Logdson Farmhouse Ales, located in Hood River, has been producing some wonderfully unique beers for a fairly short period of time. All of their beers are naturally fermented and bottle conditioned with organic pear juice. They are starting to grow cherries and peaches on their property that will go towards making some truly special, Belgian-inspired ales. We have a great selection of their beers available at our Taphouse on 13th Ave.

Logsdon’s Seizoen Bretta won the Gold in both the 2012 Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. Their motto “putting the farm back in farmhouse ales” kind of says it all. The idealized image on their labels is more fact than fiction, as it is more or less what their brewery looks like. If you’re planning a trip to Hood River, Logsdon is a must stop. Be sure to check their website and/or facebook for hours/tours/etc.¬†http://www.farmhousebeer.com




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