Tuesday Wine Tasting at the Taphouse


Come to our new weekly wine tastings at the 16 Tons Taphouse! 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Ramón Bilbao Albariño, Rías Baixas (pronounced ‘Ree-Aas Bai-Shas’):
This native Galician varietal is crisp and refreshing.  Beautiful acidity that invigorates the palate.  White peach, apricot, and jasmine on the nose.  Intense fruit and mineral overtones on the palate.  Pairs well with light meat such as veal or chicken, but is especially suited for fish.
Witness Tree Vineyards ‘Remari’ Rosato:
This rosé of Pinot Noir expresses strawberry, cherry, and grapefruit on the nose, with a spicy, softly acidic finish on the palate.
Isola Dei Profumi Nero d’Avola:
Fermented and aged in stainless steel, this is a cool and approachable interpretation of this usually bold and jammy varietal.  Fruit-forward with a subtle brown spice finish.


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