Hey – We’re Open

It’s been a long time coming, five months since we signed our lease, four months since receiving the okay on our licensing, and at least a decade since we first had the idea that we might want to open a beer store. Perhaps we were sidetracked, perhaps we were just waiting for the right time and opportunity. One thing is for certain: good retail locations are hard to find. We could not be happier to have landed on 13th between Pearl & High. Around the corner from McMenamins, a few blocks from The Bier Stein, across the street from The House of Records, right next door to Novo Salon, and close to a number of other great businesses: La Perla, Dickie Jo’s, Boardsports, Key to Tibet, and Full City Coffee to name a few (www.eugenepearldistrict.com).

What are we all about? Who the hell are we, to open a beer store in the heart of Eugene? Well, Sixteen Tons is truly a family business; owned and operated by Mike Coplin (me), Kelley (my wonderful spouse), Jeff Moores (my childhood friend), and Chris Coleman (my charming mother-in-law). Some day my kids may log a few hours as well, but for now elementary school and karate occupy most of their time.

Jeff and I became interested in drinking beer in the mid 1980’s. In the late 1980’s we became interested in drinking quality beer. Fortuitously, American Craft Brewers were beginning to produce some fantastic beer. Twenty some-odd years have passed and in many ways American brewers now outshine the European breweries that originally inspired them.  It is an exciting time for beer!

We are not beer experts. However, we love beer and are interested in promoting breweries that are producing great beer. Sixteen Tons is stocked with hundreds of beers from up-and-coming breweries that tend to get little attention in supermarkets. Our store is kept at a cool temperature and the lighting is subdued, somewhat like a cellar; just how beer likes it! If you’re looking for that kind of thing, our store is a great place to pick up Oregon beers like Oakshire, Ninkasi, Hop Valley, Hair of the Dog, Upright, Rogue, Caldera, Heater Allen, Cascade, and Terminal Gravity. There is also a good representation of craft beers from around the world.

Beer is not our only master. We also stock gourmet organic chocolate (Lillie Belle Farms from Central Point, Theo, Equal Exchange), authentic Oolong and Puer Tea imported by J-Tea, and wine. Oh yeah, wine! I almost forgot to mention wine. On the shelf are reasonably priced, delicious wines from around the world as well as the Northwest (Capitello, LaVelle, Lumos, Meriwether, Owen Roe, Territorial — to mention a few).

Stop by for a tasting between 4-7 any night!

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  • Katherine

    Mike, did I see somewhere kids are allowed? K

  • Hi Katherine! We’re essentially a “market” – so beer, wine etc available “to go”. We also have a nightly tasting from 4-7 which is very casual. It’s no problem to bring your kids! We’re going to have a more “grand” opening in a few weeks, but please stop by anytime and check it out.

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