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Sixteen Tons Draught List – 12/14

Double Mountain Hop Lava IPA Northwest Centennial & Cascade hops. 75 IBUs. 7% $8 Growler Fill!!

Oud Beersel Framboise Created by adding whole fresh Raspberries to a blend of young and old Lambic. 5%

New Belgium Lips of Faith – La Folie Aged in French Oak barrels for one to three years. Emulates the spontaneous fermentation, dry effervescence, and earthy undertones of Rodenbach. 6%

New Belgium Lips of Faith – Vrienden Allagash and New Belgium collabeeration brewed with hibiscus flower, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus. 8.5%

Verhaeghe Echte Kriekenbier Aroma of Kirsch cherry brandy, smooth, vanilla-like oaky palate. Local sour cherries are added to casks of Vichtenaar. 6.8%

Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne One of “The Burgundies of Belgium”,  a blend of 8 and 18 months old ales following careful maturation in oak casks. 6.2%

Hopworks Dark Helmet Schwarzbier Rich, chocolaty Black Lager. 5% $8 Growler Fill!!

Boneyard Femme Fatale This Sour Ale has been fermented with raspberries and cranberries. It’s medium bodied and red/brown in color, with a somewhat fruity nose. 6.5%

Upright Barrel-Aged Six “Half a Turkey on Rye” Dark rye saison with complex flavors.  Urfa Biber, a very dark sun-dried Turkish chile, is added during barrel aging. 6.7%

Oakshire ILL Tempered Gnome Malty, Hoppy Brown Ale. 6.8% $8 Growler Fill!!

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