16 Tons Radler Fest in Eugene!

radler-final 16 Tons proudly introduces our first annual…

Radler Bier Fest

40 beers custom blended with fruit juice or soda!

Free Entry, Cash Only
16 Tons Taphouse & Bottleshop
265 E 13th Ave
August 29th 12-8pm

Radler means Cyclist in German. Since the early 1900’s it’s also meant a blend of Soda or Fruit Juice with Beer. There are endless possibilities with this combination. We will be exploring traditional variations and pushing the boundaries of what may be referred to as Shandy or Radler. Right now at 16 Tons Taphouse & Bottleshop we are serving and filling growlers of “Habanero IPA Radler” which has ben incredibly popular and is part of our inspiration for creating this unique festival. You may also order a “Sour Root Beer Radler” without getting a funny look; in fact you will be admired for your adventurous nature! Join us for this great Summer festival celebrating Bier and all of it’s possibilities!

Want to help us create some Radler Recipes to be featured at the Fest?  Join us at 11am Saturday August 16th at 16 Tons Taphouse & Bottleshop for RADLER LAB with professor Matt. Attendees will blend new and unique recipes from a wide selection of juices and sodas. Please email to reserve a space: mike(at)sixteentons.biz. Also contact Mike with any questions about the event! Thanks to Kelly Kiersky for a totally Rad poster! http://kellykiersky.com/

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